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Buy LIC Pension Plan Online

Retirement is a significant milestone in everyone’s life, and being financially prepared for it is crucial. One way to secure a stable income source after retirement is by investing in a pension plan. LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), a trusted name in the insurance industry, offers several pension plans to cater to the diverse needs of individuals. If you are looking for the best pension plan that suits your requirements, buying a LIC pension plan online is the way to go.

LIC pension plans are considered to be the best in the market, providing individuals with a reliable income source after retirement. By investing in a pension plan by LIC, you can ensure a regular income during your retirement years and maintain your standard of living. These plans not only provide financial security but also offer various benefits such as tax exemption on the amount invested and a guaranteed sum assured. With LIC retirement plans online, you can easily compare different plans, calculate premiums, and choose the one that best aligns with your retirement goals and financial situation. Embrace the future with confidence by investing in a LIC pension plan online and securing a worry-free retirement.

One such popular plan offered by LIC is the Jeevan Umang plan, which not only provides financial security but also offers survival benefits to policyholders. Additionally, the New Jeevan Shanti plan is designed to provide retirees with a stable income for the rest of their lives.

The LIC Pension Plan online guarantees a fixed amount of money to policyholders throughout their life, and after the policyholder’s death, a lump sum is paid to the insured. Investing in Pension Plans from LIC helps you secure your financial future and offers stable, enjoyable post-retirement years. LIC Pension Plan Online has come up with multiple LIC Pension Scheme choose LIC Best Pension Plan online today and secure your financial future after retirement.

Buy LIC Pension Plan Online

LIC Best Pension Plans Online

Buy LIC Jeevan Utsav Plan

LIC recently launched Jeevan Utsav is a Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Saving Whole Life Insurance plan that offers 10% of Sum Assured as Life Long income paid on survival of the policy paying term. Policy holders can opt for regular income benefit or flexi income; wherein the income payable can be accumulated to earn annual compounded interest.

  • About the plan
  • Benefits
  • Tax Saving
  • Eligibility

Buy LIC Jeevan Utsav Plan Online

LIC has launched a new pension plan JEEVAN UTSAV, which is non-linked (not linked to share market) with lifetime guaranteed returns. Its provides a regular income @ 10% of Sum assured every year for lifetime with Insurance coverage for whole life.

In this world of uncertainty, LIC offers a unique blend of whole life Insurance with Guaranteed Tax free returns for life time with premium payment as less as 5 years. Option to pay premium from 5 to 16 years with all the benefits like Insurance cover, Accidental risk cover, Additional riders, Pension, Tax benefits, Loan, Surender option etc.,

Reasons to buy this plan:

Short term premium payment. Choose from 5 to 16 years

Get guaranteed income @ 10% of Sum assured everyear for lifetime

Plan available from age 0 to 65 years

Benefits of LIC’s New Jeevan Utsav Plan

  • 10% of Sum assured is paid everyear for life time
  • Guaranteed regular Second Income
  • Income is paid thru out the life
  • Sum assured + Loyalty addition is paid on death to nominee
  • Riders available: Accidential rider, Term rider, Critical illness rider & Premium waiver benefit rider
  • Avail Tax benefit u/s 80C on premiums paid
  • Tax free Death claim
  • Loan available after 2 years
  • Can Surrender after 2 years
  • Minimum age : 90 days (Completed)
  • Maximum age : 65 years
  • Premium paying term : 5 to 16 years
  • Minimum Sum Assured : Rs.5,00,000
  • Maximum Sum Assured : No limit
Buy LIC Jeevan Umang Online

LIC's New Jeevan Umang Plan

A whole-life policy in which one gets a life cover till 100 years or one is alive. Plan provides fixed yearly amount (8% of Sum Assured/Year) after completion of premium payment

  • About the plan
  • Benefits
  • Tax Saving
  • Eligibility

LIC New Jeevan Umang Plan online

LIC Jeevan Umang Buy LIC Jeevan Umang Online is non-linked whole life with profits endowment assurance plan, which provides a guaranteed fixed Tax-free income @ 8% of Sum assured every year after completion of premium paying term till 100 years of age. On maturity or Death, a full Sum assured along with bonus is paid.

Reasons to buy this plan:

Get guaranteed tax-free income @ 8% of Sum
readmore > Assured every year for rest of the your life after premium paying term readless

Flexible premium payment options to choose from
readmore > 15,20,25 & 30 years readless

Enjoy triple tax benefits on: Premiums paid,
readmore > Pension & maturity amount readless

Benefits of LIC Jeevan Umang Online Purchase

  • Guaranteed income = Relaxed retirement
  • Get regular income every year after premium paying term
  • Get guaranteed tax-free income @ 8% of Sum Assured every year for rest of the your life
  • Flexible premium payment options to choose from 15,20,25 & 30 years
  • Policy starts from 0 age to 55 years
  • Enjoy triple tax benefits on: Premiums paid, Pension & maturity amount
  • Additional risk cover by way of accidental coverage
  • Easy liquidity through loans and Surrender of policy

Tax Saving Benefit Buying LIC Jeevan Umang Online

The premiums paid towards the LIC Jeevan Umang policy are eligible for Tax deduction under section 80C of Income Tax Act,1961. In addition to this, Pension amount and Maturity/ Death claim received is also Tax free under section 10,10(D) of Income Tax Act 1961

Who can Buy LIC’s New Jeevan Umang Plan Online?

  • Minimum age : 90 days (Completed)
  • Maximum age : 55 years for Premium paying term 15 years
  • Minimum Sum Assured : 2 Lakhs
  • Premium Paying Term : 15, 20, 25 & 30 years

LIC's New Jeevan Shanti Plan

A Single Premium guaranteed pension plan.

  • About the plan
  • Benefits
  • Tax Saving
  • Eligibility

LIC New Jeevan Shanti Policy Online

This is a Single Premium pension plan, not linked to any share market.

Reasons to buy this plan:

A single premium guaranteed
readmore > Pension plan, not linked to any share market readless

Pension rate is fixed from inception of policy,
readmore > you can choose pension rates. readless

Plan can be taken on Single life or Joint life
readmore > & choose pension either Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly/ Yearly readless

LIC Jeevan Shanti Online Buying Benefits

  • A single premium guaranteed Pension plan
  • Make your retirement special with regular income post retirement
  • Pension rate guaranteed from inception of policy for lifetime
  • Not linked to any share market
  • Plan can be taken on Single life or Joint life
  • Flexibility to choose pension either Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly/ Yearly
  • Easy liquidity by way of Loan & Surrender
  • Plan available from age 30 years upwards

LIC Jeevan Shanti Online Purchase Tax Benefits

One of the important Life insurance plan is Pension plans. Pension plan has some great advantages i.e., Apart from risk coverage & savings, it provides guaranteed & fixed money at regular intervals throughout the life.

Who can Buy LIC’s New Jeevan Shanti Policy Online?

  • Minimum age : 90 days (Completed)
  • Maximum age : 55 years for Premium paying term 15 years
  • Minimum age at PPT : 30 years
  • Maximum age at PPT : 70 years

LIC Pension Plans Online Buying Guide

1. What are the main types of pension plans?

Jeevan Shanti LIC Pension Plan Jeevan Shanti and Jeevan Umang Jeevan Umang Features can be considered for pension and retirement financial planning. Jeevan Shanti is a single premium policy wherein the policy holder has the option of choosing a deferred or immediate annuity payment as per his requirement. On the other hand, Jeevan Umang plan provides the annual survival benefits after the completion of premium payment tenure till maturity.

2. What are the factors you consider before buying pension plans?

The main factors are to ensure you get a guaranteed income during your retirement years. Secondly, consider the life cover amount you will receive which will be useful for your surviving spouse to continue receiving the pension for financial stability and transition.

3. Will the pension plan offer guaranteed or safe monthly income?

Pension plans from LIC of India LIC branch near me such as Jeevan Shanti provide for guaranteed lifelong income and you also get additional benefits such as maturity bonuses.

4. How to ensure my partner’s safety through my policy?

In the Jeevan shanti pension plan from LIC; if you opt for the Immediate annuity option you can opt to nominate your spouse to receive a part of the Sum Assured as a lumpsum amount and the balance as annuity in the event of your demise. This will serve as financial income to your partner in your absence.

Choosing the Best LIC Pension Scheme Online

  • Lifetime income
  • Guaranteed additions
  • Tax-free withdrawals within the tax limits
  • Multiple Annuity options
  • Offers multiple premium payment modes
Why choose LIC Life Insurance Policy Benefits of Buying LIC Policy Online

Claim Settlement Ratio


Assets Under Management

₹41 Lakh Crore

Total Individual policies

28.62 Crores



Life Fund

₹43 Lakh Crores

Market share


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a pension plan work?

Pension plan works as a guaranteed fixed income throughout your life thus securing your life.

2. Why should I buy a pension plan?

As life expectancy becomes longer, one should have a comfortable & guaranteed income to maintain a decent lifestyle. Hence it is become to have an pension plan.

3. What is the main feature of a retirement plan?

A fixed guaranteed amount is paid throughout your life. After your life, a lumpsum is paid to your family.

4. When should I start investing in pension plans?

It's better to start as early as possible, so that you can create a sizeable corpus and have a sound financial future after retirement.

5. What happens to my pension plan if I surrender before maturity?

As per the plan condition, you will get surrender value LIC Pension Plan Surrender Value and your pension contract ends with the company.

6. What is the difference between immediate and deferred annuity pension plans?

Immediate pension: Pension is immediately from the inception of the policy i.e., pension starts as early as next month
Deferred pension: Pension will start after a fixed period of time.

7. Which is the best pension plan online from LIC?

For regular premium payment, Jeevan Umang Pension Plan is the best as it offers guaranteed Tax- free pension for life time.
For Single premium payment, Jeevan Shanti Pension Plan is the most appropriate pension plan from LIC.

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LIC Policy holders enjoy sovereign guarantee by Govt. of India

LIC policyholders enjoy a sovereign guarantee on the sum assured and the bonus declared as per section 37 of LIC Act, 1956 which clearly states that "Policies to be guaranteed by Central Government - The sum assured by all policies issued by the corporation including any bonuses declared in respect thereof and, subject to the provisions contained in section 14 the amounts assured by all policies issued by any insurer the liabilities under which have vested in the corporation under this act, and all bonuses declared in respect thereof, whether before or after the appointed day, shall be guaranteed as to payment in cash by the Central Government."